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Downtown - Gringo Gulch

Though perhaps not reflected in the name, there is no neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta more steeped in Old Hollywood glamour than the area in downtown Puerto Vallarta located above the iconic Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral in the hills of Gringo Gulch. Made famous by the infamous love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the Bridge of Love (Puente del Amor) was constructed by Burton to avoid the paparazzi as he romanced Taylor. The bridge still stands today as an enduring testament to their love.

There is magic in this neighborhood, with most homes hidden behind large gates, one never knowing if they will open to a modest family traditional home or a stunning luxury villa on a spacious landscaped lot. The views found in this neighborhood are some of the best in the Puerto Vallarta region, stretching down across the lights of Puerto Vallarta and over the Pacific Ocean. And, of course, all the incredible Puerto Vallarta lifestyle including many of the best restaurants in Vallarta and art galleries, are just steps from your doorway.

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